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Soc 110 Week 3 Assignment

GROUP LEADERSHIP2Group Leadership and Conflict SummeryWhenever groups of people get together to discuss making a change toward something else conflict is bound to arise. However, conflict can be both good and bad depending on the howthe group of people handles conflict during the discussion. Conflict can either strengthen a team by challenging them in various ways in order to work together as a team to find the best result that satisfies each person’s need within the group. On the other hand though, conflict can create resistance and bring destruction into a group when individuals are not listening, understanding and patient. This paper will discuss various issues, conflicts and wins that the two group meetings had in the two videos “Planning a Playground” and “Politics of Sociology.” Lastly, this paper will summarize how my group’s discussion played out as we discussed the two videos we watched together.Planning a PlaygroundThe main issue that this group of community residents faced was trying to figure out howthey were going to raise funds to build a neighborhood playground. However, throughout the meeting there were several conversational issues and conflicts. First, the individual named Davidwho was leading the group did not properly introduce himself by letting the whole group know who he was exactly in the community. Secondly, it seemed that he came into the meeting

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SOC 110 Week 3 Assignment Group Leadership and Conflict Summary

ResourcesCh. 5 & 8 of Working In Groups and the Week 3 videos, "Planning a Playground" and "Politics of Sociology"

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word summary of your responses to the following after completing the collaborative Week 3 discussion associated with the "Planning a Playground and "Politics of Sociology" videos:

Group Interaction

How clear was the intent of the discussion?

How prepared were your group members for the discussion?

Did everyone participate equally in the discussion?

Were group members open to different points of view?

How would you describe the overall climate of the discussion?

Did you feel your group was productive in the discussion? Did you use the time efficiently?

What strategies can you use in future discussions to increase productivity and outcomes?

What approach will you take next time to increase group cohesion?